How to Sell Patterns at Wood Shows

If you have a wood show (where they show off woodworking tools) in your area, you can start a nifty business selling LathArt Patterns.

You need 5 original designs that you have turned into patterns, a sign (made out of Lath, saying LathArt Patterns or something like that), finished samples of each of your patterns, a scroll saw and a book to register a mailing or e-mail list. It is also a good idea to offer lath blanks which are pre-cut lath wood glued onto paper (ours used to be 24" by 24 sticks of lath), and we charged our costs plus $10.00 for these. Patterns should be priced competatively, see current prices and quality of intarsia patterns for pricing guidelines.

But don't just stand there in your booth. Get electricity and a scroll saw. Spend the few days making a piece of LathArt right there in front of the crowd. Invite guests to your booth to touch and feel the process. And if you have kids, let them participate in cutting and painting.

Most activity as far as sales occured when the kids were in the booth, and it was obvious to customers that this was a family activity, not just a dad woodworking project.

And take names and e-mail addresses to keep in touch with people no matter if they buy or not. You may decide to run a class locally, and an interested mailing list could get that off the ground.

Remember to ask for the best pricing on your booth space. Some shows will offer discounts to small non-corporate show participants.